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Waratahs step up pre-season training under new coach Daryl Gibson

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 02: Paddy Ryan of the Waratahs (R) and team mates participate in hill sprints during a Waratahs Super Rugby pre-season training session at Sydney Park on December 2, 2015 in Sydney, . (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) Photo: Cameron SpencerThe Waratahs are training harder than ever under new coach Daryl Gibson.

Despite the changes in coaching staff with the departure of Michael Cheika, the introduction of Gibson as head coach has seen the team train just as hard as they did under the now-Wallabies mentor, according to prop Paddy Ryan.

“I thought we mightn’t have had to work so hard now that ‘Cheik’s’ [Cheika] gone, but it hasn’t been the case. Darryl’s certainly keeping that going, it’s been good, and they’re certainly working us as hard, a few even harder than they have as the last few years.”

Ryan also said that a big part of the stability of the team after the departure of several players and staff comes from the academy system.

“We’re going to miss ‘Keps’ [Sekope Kepu] … he was a great player, and we’re going to miss him, for sure. That’s the nature of rugby though, guys move on,” Ryan said on Tuesday.

“We’ve had big losses in Adam-Ashley Cooper and guys like that, but I think it doesn’t really feel like there have been a lot of changes, because a lot of the guys we’ve brought through have actually been part of our academy. We’ve brought in Angus [Ta’avo] and Zac [Guildford], so they’re new faces, but apart from that, it feels like a lot of the guys that have come in have been from our own academy and system.

“We’ve still got a few more to come [new faces] but I don’t think it’s going to feel like a really different group, like it might have, and could have in the past, if we had brought more people in rather than working through the academy system.”

On the recent availability of the number three jersey, Ryan was tight-lipped.

“Yeah, well I’m just focusing on getting myself through Christmas first, then I’ll reassess from there. You always want to have depth in your front row stocks, and Angus [Ta’avo] brings that, so that’s good for the whole group.”

Assistant forwards coach Cam Blades said Ryan and Ta’avo were both prospects for the the tighthead position.

“I think it presents an exciting challenge for both of those guys, and gives really good competition between the squad for the spot. At the moment they’re both fighting really hard to impress, and develop their skills.”

“Paddy has had some experience as loosehead, and that’s something we’ll continue to look at, but at this stage, I’d like to keep them both butting heads for that tighthead spot, I think it’s good for both of their development, and it’s really good for the squad to have two guys so desperate for the spot.”

“They’re certainly similar in lots of ways, obviously they’re both quite tall tighthead props, and they both have similar things to work on in terms of development and improvement, but they’re also quite unique. They’re both athletic and very strong, both keen and dedicated.”

Blades also says that it is crucial that one of the two steps up for this position.

“You need someone there who can hold his own, but also look to dominate, and I’m really hopeful that one or both of them will do that for us. All the signs we’re seeing so far in the first month of training is heading towards one or both of them being able to do that.”

The 2016 Super Rugby season kicks off on February 26.

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