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Twitter revamp: new multi-picture format, desktop will no longer crop images

Twitter’s new look: images are uncropped and can potentially dominate your feed. Photo: Supplied Easier on the eye: Twitter’s new format for multi-photo display. Photo: Supplied

Twitter has unveiled a new look, announcing that it will no longer crop images on its desktop website but instead publish photos as they were uploaded. The result will be a news feed that privileges images rather than text, potentially making users scroll more than before the change.

Twitter hopes the move will result in a more immersive​, richer photo experience. The micro-blogging service, which started as an text-based platform, used to truncate all images to a streamlined size. Twitter’s arbitrary cropping meant it cut-off essential visual information from some photos, but now the social media giant has taken a major philosophical shift. Twitter now says “photos bring us right into the moment” and that “rich media has become essential to the experience” for users.

Also part of Twitter’s photos revamp is a change in the format of its multi-photo display: images are now displayed with one large lead photo and three smaller images tiled beside it. The result is a much more blog-like design. Users can post up to four images in one media tweet – which Twitter used to trim and divide equally on screen.

This is the third major modification for Twitter this year in an effort to beef-up its visual engagement and delivery strategy. Twitter added an auto-play video feature in August, and introduced the “Moments” tab in October in the US. The Moments feature was introduced to reduce the sheer volume of tweet-noise, and curate a shortlist of the most popular stories happening on Twitter. It has yet to rollout in .

The new look Twitter rolls out on desktops only from Tuesday.

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