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THE Newcastle cafe with an Imperial Walker towing a landspeeder.

IT’S no secret there’s enough Star Wars memorabilia atThe Empire Coffee Co to fill a space cruiser, and they’ve truly embraced theForce-tive season. Sorry.
Shanghai night field

The Newcastle cafe, we’re quite sure, is the only one currentlywith aTatooineLandspeeder outfrontbeing towed byRudolph the red-laser AT-AT. The only one.

Now, we could be wrong…

FORCE-TIVE SEASON: Rudolph the red-laser AT-AT at The Empire Coffee Co.

Airport’s spicy season A Spice Girls fan has been to the airport.

NEXT time you’re at the airport, whileyou’rebuyingthe paper and one of thoseneck support pillows,why not pick up a pink Christmasbauble?

Newcastle Airport is selling the decorations for $2 as part of its Christmas appeal to supportthe Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation.

“This Christmas we’ve decorated our airport terminal in the vibrant pink of our charity of choice, the Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation,” says Newcastle AirportchiefDr Peter Cock.

“We’re asking the community to add to our terminal decorations by purchasing a pink Christmas bauble from any of our airport retailers. We’ll write your name on it and hang your baubles behind our giving tree in the departure lounge.”

That’s nice. You know, a personal touch. Just like thehandiwork of a Spice Girls devoteeon this stop sign (pictured) at the airport.

It’s hard to read in the photo, but it says “Stop right there, thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch”.

We’ll get back to youFOR a department with a cast of thousands in its media unit, Defence hasn’t been a model oftransparencysincethe Williamtown toxic scare.

Responsesto journalists’ questionshave ranged from sluggishtoglacial, and the answers thattrickle down bear scant relation to what was asked. Case in point. The experience of the Herald’s Joanne McCarthy.

McCarthy went through the properDefence channels and emailed a series ofquestions –big, important stuff about contamination and who knew about it, too dry for us –on October 21.

The response, a week later: “Hi Joanne,Thanks for your email. We endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can”.

Which was somehow hard to believe. On November 27 McCarthy upped the ante with more“questions Defence has not answered to date”.

Two days later she asked again and gave an hour’s“deadline”.

“Suddenly a named Defence person responded.”

Topics doubts anyone working in the media unit is happy with this, and strongly suspects the kind of departmentalinterference that’s maddening for everyone.

Bevan bails without fuss Scott Bevan has signed off from the ABC.

THIS is how TV starsretire now: not with a network special, but with a tweet. Well, sometimes the networkspecial follows,after you die.

ABC News 24 host and former Topics writer Scott Bevan pulled the plug yesterday afternoon with little ceremony.

“I’ve resigned from the ABC,” he tweeted.

“Finish in Jan. My thanks to the Aust public for giving me a job, & for the privilege of telling our stories.”

Fans expressed dismayat Bevan leaving just as he was getting his tie “near perfect”, and speculated on him growing a beard and starting a musical career.

“Not full-time music,” Bevan hinted.

“But more music in my life.”

BevanspenttwoyearsastheABC’sMoscowcorrespondent, and camein from the cold to jointhe 24-hour channel in 2010.

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