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The Biggest Loser: Daniel Jofres crowned TBL Families winner after 51kg weight loss

Daniel Jofre stands on the scale on The Biggest Loser: Families finale. Photo: suppliedWhat’s on TV Tuesday: TBL FamiliesMichelle Bridges calls people who grow their own food ‘freaks’

After three months of gruelling exercise, weekly weigh-ins and inevitable tears, 24-year-old Daniel Jofre has been crowned ‘s “Biggest Loser”.

It boiled down to the three Jofre brothers – Pablo, Tony and Daniel – battling it out on the scales in Tuesday’s glitter-covered finale on Channel Ten’s The Biggest Loser: Families.

While only one lucky sibling came away with the prize money of $100,000, Daniel says that his win was really a victory for the whole family: “What I’m most proud of in the journey is that we’ve all become a healthier us, a happier us, a better us. I’m proud of being a Jofre.”

From the beginning, the Jofres wiped clean their opponents, winning nine of 12 weekly weigh-ins and more than half of the challenges. That is after their trainer – Michelle Bridges – broke down in tears after meeting the family who ate ice cream for breakfast at the beginning of their “journey”.

Uncle Rob Jofre took away $10,000 for the biggest losing eliminated contestant, while the whole family received $100,000 for the combined highest weight loss, with a total of over 200kg.

Now that the competition is over, Daniel is determined to maintain his physique with a combination of healthy eating and building muscle mass. He slimmed down to just over 80 kilograms over the 12 weeks, losing 51 kilograms in the process.

“The scales don’t mean much to me anymore, as long as I’m healthy and fit,” he says.

The weight loss journey skyrocketed not just Daniel’s own confidence, but the whole family’s: “Rob’s definitely happier, healthier, fitter and he’s going to be there for his wife and Amelia and newborn Sophie… And for Pablo and Tony, their confidence has gone up and I know that they’re going to achieve great things in life now.”

Daniel is also looking forward to welcoming trainer Michelle Bridges and Steve ‘Commando’ Willis’ new baby into the fold: “That family is going to be great and one to look out for because [Bridges’ and Willis’ child] is going to be a superbaby.”

Former Biggest Loser contestant turned show host and international model, Fiona Falkiner paid respect to the hard work of the eliminated families as she welcomed them onto the stage: “So inspiring! That’s what this journey is all about.”

Despite the show’s inspirational celebration of all things health and fitness, viewer ratings have suffered throughout the season. But it’s still a 40 per cent rise from last year’s effort, with 630,000 national viewers tuning in on average per show this season.

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