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Rambo TV series looks finished without Sylvester Stallone

Rambo a go go? Sly Stallone has withdrawn from a Rambo TV series leaving the project without a hero. Creed, starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan

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A planned TV series based on the Rambo series of movies has run into trouble with confirmation action icon Sylvester Stallone will not be involved in any way.

Fox bought the series, to be called Rambo: New Blood – which focused on volatile ex-soldier John Rambo’s relationship with his Navy Seal son – no doubt believing Stallone would reprise his role from the first Rambo four movies. He was also listed as its executive producer.

But a spokesman for Stallone delivered the project creators (Millennium films and Entertainment One) and backers the worst possible news in a statement: “Contrary to reports, Sylvester Stallone has opted not to participate in the planned Rambo television series in any way at all. I wish the others well with the project.”

They’ll need every one of those wishes. For a start questions will be asked at Fox about why the company bought the show for development when Stallone had not confirmed his participation. Even at 69, he would have been the main selling point.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Stallone and producer Avi Lerner (who runs Millennium Films) had planned a fifth movie in the series, Rambo: Last Blood, but it was on hold.

For now it seems Stallone – worth an estimated US$400 million – is content to revisit his past acting in Creed, the well-received 2015 film in which Stallone reprises Rocky Balboa, this time as a trainer to the son of his former rival, Apollo Creed.

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