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Police interview with Matthew Leveson’s boyfriend played during inquest

CCTV footage from a Bunnings Warehouse store shows a man, who police allege is Michael Peter Atkins, buying a mattock and gaffer tape. Photo: Supplied Matthew Leveson’s parents Faye and Mark earlier this year. Photo: Kate Geraghty

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Michael Peter Atkins told police it was a “fairly normal” Sunday for him and his boyfriend Matthew Leveson.

The couple came home after a night out at ARQ club in Darlinghurst, woke up in the afternoon, watched n Idol, and drank protein shakes on September 23, 2007, according to Mr Atkins.

Mr Atkins told police he had been wearing a lilac polo shirt and camouflage pants that day, and he only left the couple’s Cronulla unit to go for an afternoon walk.

He said he noticed his 20-year-old boyfriend was missing when he woke up at 1am the next morning.

An inquest into Mr Leveson’s death is being held at the NSW Coroner’s Court in Glebe. His body has never been found.

Mr Atkins and Mr Leveson’s parents reported him missing on September 25, when he didn’t turn up for work at an NRMA call centre.

Police found Mr Leveson’s car abandoned in the car park of Waratah Oval, Sutherland, on the morning of Thursday September 27, with a Bunnings Warehouse receipt for a mattock and gaffer tape inside, the inquest has heard.

At the end of a two-hour interview with police later that night, detectives told Mr Atkins they had CCTV footage from the Taren Point hardware store that showed a man matching his description, wearing camouflage pants, buying a mattock and tape.

“It’s our belief that about 12.20 on Sunday afternoon that you went to Bunnings Warehouse and you were the person who purchased that pick and the gaffer tape,” a detective told Mr Atkins in the interview, played at the inquest.

“I don’t think it was me,” he replied.

“Who do you think it could be?” the detective asked.

“I don’t know.”

“The person in [Bunnings] is wearing cargo-style pants that appear similar to what you described wearing on Sunday. Can you offer any explanation for that?”


“How does it make you feel? We’re telling you the person who looks like you is in … Bunnings Warehouse purchasing a mattock and a roll of gaffer tape when Matt at this point is missing.”

Mr Atkins said: “Surprised.”

The inquest has been told that after the formal interview was over Mr Atkins told police: “I want to tell you … but I’m scared what will happen to me if I do.”

Mr Atkins was eventually charged with Mr Leveson’s murder, but was acquitted by a jury. He had pleaded not guilty, and denied any involvement in his disappearance.

Mr Leveson was last seen leaving ARQ nightclub with Mr Atkins in the early hours of September 23.

Security footage from the door of the nightclub captured the couple leaving at the same time, but walking apart.

The relationship between Mr Leveson and Mr Atkins, who was 44 in 2007, had soured, the inquest has heard.

The inquest continues before NSW Deputy State Coroner Elaine Truscott.

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