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No Saint: Jimmy Kimmel tricks public with fake Kim and Kanye baby names

Jimmy Kimmel loves playing a frank on the public. Photo: Screen grabMiley Cyrus goes undercover as n reporter on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announce second son’s name.
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Did you hear the one about Kim and Kanye calling their second child, born on Saturday, ‘Saint’?

So did half the world. US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided that the other half was fair game and set out to test ordinary people’s gullibility and tolerance of celebrity eccentricity, telling them that the power couple had named North West’s younger brother something horrifically indulgent.

It wasn’t an easy assignment with the public jaded by years of jaw-dropping celebrity baby names like Zuma Nesta Rock (Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale), Fifi Trixibelle (Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates), Blanket (the late Michael Jackson) and Jermajesty (Jermain Jackson).

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! show sent a reporter onto the Californian streets to provoke the public for their reactions to, for example, “Kia Sorento” (which is of course the make of a popular lite urban SUV) as a baby name, then “Fastest Gun in the West”.

Most punters were sadly unshocked, swearing blind they’d been discussing that exact same news with friends only a few minutes prior, mostly on social media. Had they actually checked, they have found the infant’s real name is in fact Saint, which is not a bad effort, although some cynics have pointed out its traditional owners had performed a miracle whereas this was just a recipe for a miraculous ego in a child.

Back to the trusting streets of America. One woman’s cool and confident exterior gradually cracked on camera when the reporter informed her Kanye and Kim had opted for “Khaleesi Cruella Cuckoo Kimchee Kombucha Klondike Kielbasa Kaleidoscope Kikuju Kaley Cuoco West.”

“Not surprised at all. I wouldn’t put it past them,” she said, grinning broadly.

Fittingly, Kimmel calls the semi-regular segment – in which citizens are asked a bunch of plausible questions that sound silly if we know the real answer – ‘Lie Witness News’.

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