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Guy Sebastian takes it back to basics for upcoming Newcastle show

WHEN Guy Sebastian got the call this year to represent at Eurovision –the first time the country had ever featured in the song contest –his reaction was a familiar one.

“I thought ‘Why me? Why an odd-looking dude from Adelaide?’,” Sebastian says.

“I’ve done some things in my life that I look back on and go ‘How the hell did I do that?’

“I’m always asking myself that, like, ‘Why me? Why do I get the chance to do this?’ I’m so lucky.”

Sincetaking out the inaugural season of n Idol in 2003, Sebastian, now 34, has established himself as one of the country’s most successful pop artists of the past decade, shaking the stigma attached to Idol and now finding himself on the other side of the fence as a judgeon The X-Factor.

He has eight albums under his belt andsix number one singles, and embarked on his first-ever arena tour earlier this year playing venues such as Rod Laver Arena and Sydney’s Qantas Credit Union Arena.

But, he explained, hislife could have taken a very different path.

“I almost didn’t audition for Idol. I had no confidence back then,” Sebastian says.

“I was a fat, weird-looking kid that didn’t have a lot of confidence. Coming through that process [Idol], it definitely makes me realise the power of how a simple decision can change someone’s life.

“It’s changed my life so much.”

Performing at Eurovision (where he placed in fifth spot) also acted as the perfect launch pad in toEurope.

Following his appearance in the contest, Sebastian touredthe club circuit across Europe and startedfrom scratch.

After embarking onhis first-ever headline tour ofarenas across earlier in the year, Sebastian found himself performingin substantiallysmallerrooms.

“I’m starting from scratch over there and it was a bit of a juxtaposition. Iwas touring arenas at home and then going in to these tiny bar venues.At some of the shows there was 200 people,” he says.

“To go from 15,000 at Rod Laver [Arena]to 200 people in a bar, it was awesome.I loved it. I slept on the tour bus and it was just back to basics as a touring musician.”

Sebastian is getting back to basics again in the new year when his You…Me…Us Tour takes in 33 dates across regional .

The “stripped back” tour will act as a preview for his forthcoming eighthstudio album which is shaping up as “alittle bit more ambient, a little bit more electronic soul”.

“For me it’s all about the song. Sometimes you can write a great song and then it can get completely over-crowded by production and Ijust want to strip it back a bit more with the production and go a bit more creative with the sounds.

“Iwant to go really simple and have some lyrical content that is a little happier.

“My last album was so dark and so focused on break-ups. I had a very close family member go through a marriage break up and he was living with me at the time, so it was a very dark time as far as relationships go and even though it’s a pop album, it felt quite sad.

“I want to get back to singing about loveand get back to a happy, soulful place.”

Married and afather to twosons,Hudson, 3, and Archer, 1, Sebastian says he is at the happiestplace in his life andis more obsessed with music than ever.

“I’m in the best place I’ve ever been andI’ve never loved music so much,” Sebastian says.

“I’m actually a bit embarrassed about my new-found love for music because –it sounds stupid that I should have a new-found love because I’ve obviously always loved music –but every couple of days I will find moments in my life where I’m listening to something and I go ‘Man, I love this!’

“I’ve never listened to so much music in my life.”

New direction: Guy Sebastian brings his You…Me…Us Tour to Newcastle’s Civic Theatre on January 15. Bookings at ticketek杭州龙凤论坛m.au

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