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Classic rock band Dragon hit the road in 2016 to celebrate the Countdown years

Dragon’s The Countdown Years tour appears at Caves Beach Hotel on April 22. The band plays two regular shows at Lizotte’s on December 18-19.THE year is 1975.

Todd Hunter and his brother Marc have left their hometown of Auckland to seeksuccess across the ditch, setting up new lives in Sydney where they have dreams of putting their band,Dragon, on the map.

“When we first got over here, Skyhooks were happening,” Todd Hunter recalled.

“We had a little house at the back of Grace Bros[department store] in Bondi Junction and we’d walk past and there’d be Skyhooks standing on the loading docks signing autographs. We’d go ‘You wait, you guys. We’re gonna get there one day’.”

Thatopportunity arrived when the band had an offer to perform on ABC music program, Countdown.

The bandmade itsdebut on the show with the song,Star Kissed, and the appearancewas the first of many the band would make on the program over the next 13 years.

“It was incredibly exciting. It was like ‘Wow – TV!’,” Hunter laughed.

“You would sing live and mime your instrument parts, so we were always acting up and playing stupid stuff.

“We were misbehaving in the best Spinal Tap fashion you could imagine.

“The ridiculous thing was that as soon as you were on Countdown, your whole world changed.”

After that first performance, Dragon noticed a shift as they began bookingmore gigs and filled bigger halls.

“It was a phenomenal thing for n music,” Hunter says.“It started so many careers.”

Dragon, which these daysfeatures Hunter (bass, vocals) alongsideMark Williams (vocals),Bruce Reid (guitar) andPete Drummond (drums) following the death of original frontman Marc Hunter in 1998, are celebrating the Countdown years on a national tour next year.

The show will be split intwo parts, with the first featuring covers of from the Countdown era (Sherbert’sSummer Love, Rose Tattoo’sBad Boyand JPY’sYesterday’s Hero) followed by Dragon’s own classics (April Sun in Cuba, Rain,Are You Old Enough).

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