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Another chance to live: Orange paramedics save Newcastle man’s life

LUCKY TO LIVE: Graham Lobsey says he feels lucky to be alive following his near-death experience last week. Photo: SIMONE DE PEAKGRAHAM Lobsey credits a team of Orange paramedics for giving him another shot of life after they restarted his heart as he lay dying in the back of an ambulance in his brother’s Turner Crescent driveway.

Mr Lobsey told the Central Western Daily he was lucky paramedics were able to use a combination of chest compressions and a defibrillator to save his life.

“I’ve been given another opportunity to live,” Mr Lobsey said.

The Newcastle resident and his wife Bette had been in Orange to catch up with family, including his 92-year-old mother Beryl, when he became unwell early last Thursday morning.

At around 2.30am Mr Lobsey broke into a cold sweat and experienced a burning sensation in his chest.

He alerted his family of the seriousness of his condition and at around 3am they called triple zero.

Mr Lobsey walked to the ambulance to be transported to Orange hospital, and while he was being prepared for the journey he went into cardiac arrest.

Luckily paramedics were able to restart Mr Lobsey’s heart and transport him to the hospital.

While Mr Lobsey remembers little of the incident, apart from a feeling he was “fading away,” he is thankful his family called triple zero.

“I was lucky I was with family when it happened,” he said.

“You hear stories about people driving their loved ones to hospital but the main thing I want to remind people is to call triple-0.”

Mr Lobsey admits his family were “shook up” by the incident and at the time they feared the worse.

This is the second time Mr Lobsey has cheated death.

In May last year he was involved in a head-on accident however he sustained only minor injures.

“It’s a little surreal to me to be feeling so good now,” Mr Lobsey said.

Mr Lobsey said the treatment he received in the ambulance was “unbelievable” and the medical professionals at Orange hospital had been “fantastic”.

Mr Lobsey admits only two days before his heart attack he had bragged to family members he was the only one not taking daily medication.

Since last week’s incident Mr Lobsey has vowed to change his life and give up smoking, watch his cholesterol levels and look after his health.

“I was having a bloody good time [before],” he said.

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